22 April 2013

My First MyBeautyBox

MyBeautyBox is the Danish version of Birchbox/Glossybox since we don't have that in Denmark, unfortunately. But I decided to try out MyBeautyBox and I have recently ordered a 3 month subscription. Today I got my first box and was super exited to get it opened to see what was inside!
I think the box itself it rather nice even though it doesn't quite live up to the prettyness I've seen of Glossybox and Birchbox, but of course that isn't what is most important so onto the actual content!
The theme of this month's box is "Fast Glam" promising a box "packed full of innovative and effective products making you glamorous in no time". I don't get exactly why they chose this as a theme as I feel like a spring theme would be more suitable and I'd love to have seen some bright colours!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (in 'Gray by Gray')
I've never tried a polish from this brand before but heard plenty of good things about it, so I'm excited to try this out. This being said I'm not overly excited about the colour as I find it a bit dull and not as suitable for spring as you could have hoped, but I reckon it will look great with jeans. 

Rimmel Glam Eyes Eyeshadow (in '102 Backstage')
I love this colour. It's a great light bronzy, goldy, shimmery (I'm so good at discribing, I know) eye shadow, and I'm looking forward to testing this out to see whether or not it's as nice as it looks.

Rimmel Glam Eyes Eyeliner (in '004 Diamond Kiss')
I'm not really sure about this product. A silver eyeliner. I have to say that when it comes to eye make up I tend to keep it rather simple, and I don't really see myself wearing futuristic eye make up in the nearest future. This will most likely be a product that ends up behind all my other make up. 

BodyNordic Kiss & Makeup Lip Gloss
I have to admit I'm not a big lipgloss kind of person, so I'm not that excited about this product. And even though it's slightly pink in the tube it leaves absolutely no colours on your lips while also being quite sticky. Another product going to the back of the drawer. 

EasySun Tanning Towelettes
Well actually just one towelette. It says on the back that this will be enough for your face and neck - therefore I think they could have included one or two more. I've never actually tried tanning towelettes so it'll be fun to see how this turns out.

Overall I'm not too thrilled by this box - I don't think I'll get any good use out of most of the products. And I felt that the theme was a bit off and the products actually a bit more suitable for winter.
All of the products are very accessible, and I wish they'd chosen some that wasn't as easy to just go to a regular shop and buy. On their web site they promise brands like Nails Inc, Stila, Urban Decay, Sleek, and Revlon which are all pretty hard to find in Denmark. So instead of giving me two Rimmel products I wish they'd gone for some of the others. Overall I was slightly disappointed with my first box, but I will keep and open mind and hope for something better next time.


  1. Looks like you got some lovely things :) the rimmel eyeshadow looks gorgeous!

    B xxx

    1. Well the eyeshadow is one of the only things I like from the box. :-) x

  2. Oh wow everything you got I'd love to use.. shame you weren't so pleased xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Yeah bad luck - though I have changed my mind about the nail polish, so it's not all bad. ;-) x

  3. Nice! the nailpolish looks great

    1. And you know what? It actually is! :-D x

  4. what a beauty things inside your box :))
    Im following you now, hope you will follow me back, kisses :*

    1. Thanks a lot! I will check out your blog right now! x

  5. Totally agree when you say that these products would be more suitable for winter - you'd expect more bright colours!


    1. I'll just hope for something more appropriate for the May edition! x

  6. Hi!! :)
    I really like your blog and your style!
    I´m following you :)
    maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too,
    and if you like it, follow me back!

    1. Awesome! I'll be checking out your blog right away! :-) x


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