17 June 2013

30 Day Snap | Week #3

Another week has passed - 7 days closer to graduation than last Monday. Just another 8 days till I've finished my last exam - the excitement!! Apart from my exam, this week has been really nice with sunshine and my birthday! Although I didn't celebrate much because of the damn exam I did have a really nice day with my family and later some friends.
 sun sun sun | my birthday!! | 24 hour exam has begun

WOO, started the week off with sun, which of course continued till the next day because I've been a good girl this year. ;-) Then the next day the disaster occurred when I had to draw the topic for my exam the following day. This face shows how very displeased I was with what I drew...
4 exams down - 2 to go | sun is still shining on my way from work | summer season = strawberry season!

What a relief! This exam was the one I dreaded absolutely most, so with that out of the world I was able to relax just a bit more - which meant absolutely no studying for the rest of the week. Instead I enjoyed the small things in life while working to earn some money for my 24 days-off-from-work in just 2 weeks!
lunch with my mum

All in all a pretty nice week which ended of with a little shopping trip with my mother, which instead ended up being more of a let's-get-some-tapas day. Though, I'm not complaining - that dessert was delicious

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  1. Happy [belated] birthday! Sorry you couldn't celebrate much. Maybe after you've finished your exams. At least there's strawberries :D.

    1. Haha thank you, and actually I celebrated this Thursday instead so everything worked out great - and of course there was strawberries! :-)

  2. Hope your exams went well! I nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my latest post if you are interested in taking part :)xx

    1. Thanks! I have one more exam this Tuesday and then I'm done!!
      That sounds interesting - I've been nominated a few times before, so I might do a post on it soon. x


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