24 June 2013

30 Day Snap | Week #4

The weeks are flying by at the moment and the day of my last exam is getting closer with the speed of lightning! Absolutely insane, I cannot believe how close I am to finishing school for good (at least for now)!

                         theme park with work | my friend's birthday at the beach | desperate, late night exam revising

Meanwhile I've visited a theme park called FĂ„rup Summerland with all of the nice people I work with. It was super fun, and I got to know everybody much better than before - such a great day not to study. And even though we had the best weather that day, it was even better the next where I celebrated a friend of mine's birthday at the beach. After having neglected revising since last week's exam was over with I had a busy night studying for my exam the following day! 

spontaneous birthday celebration | loud music on my way from work | procrastinating 

When I was at work the 19th my boss told me I could have the next day off because I wouldn't get very busy, so instead I decided to invite 8 friends of mine out in my family's summerhouse for some nice food and just a chilled out day. Even though I invited them at 11 pm the night before they all showed up, and it ended up being such a fun day and evening! On another note, I've been seriously procrastinating by looking up travel inspiring photos, which I can spend hours and hours looking at.

shopping for my graduation party

The last day of the week I spend shopping for my graduation party which is in exactly a week. My mum and I browsed through a big warehouse to buy whatever needed for the party - beverages, snacks, and decorations. Now that day may just please come as quick as possible!


  1. love this and your blog hun! just followed you on blogger and bloglovin :) xx

  2. Your blog is so fab honey, my week just involves going out with my pals!
    Followed you on Bloglovin doll. xo

    1. Since I graduated last Tuesday that's all I've been doing as well - ain't complaining. ;-) x


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