2 July 2013

30 Day Snap | Week #5

This week my 30 day snap will be a bit different than usually. I graduated at the beginning of the week and all I've done this week beside that one exam is going to one party after another - literally. Several parties a day.
Tuesday I finished my last exam and got my "student's cap" put on my head by my dad as tradition is. From that day I haven't slept for more than 5 hours a day and have barely seen my parents - but all in all a great week. I've attended numerous graduation parties and held my own this Sunday. Because my days have merged together I've done my 30 days snap like this! :-)

This Friday I put the last x in my homemade countdown which means that there is zero days till I finish school - strange feeling, though I don't think it has hit me yet. I'm really looking forward to doing whatever floats my boat, and I'm super excited to start my interrail trip in the morning - I'm hoping for a follow up on that tomorrow.
All in all I've had a great last week where I ended an important chapter of my life!


  1. Congrats on you graduation :)!


  2. Congratulations!!

    Hannah x

  3. Congratulations Laura! I'm so excited for you! I guess you can go backpacking or simply traveling? Whatever you decide to do, have fun!

  4. Congratulations! What a great feeling! I've just discovered you blog and love it so much that I want to share it with others! So I've nominted you for The Liebster Award:

  5. Amazing post ;)

  6. LOVE this post! Im a new york blogger, I blog about NY style, Food, Passion for makeup and just running around my awesome city. Would love if you checked it out, Lets follow eachother! :)


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