12 August 2013

My Interrail Experience | why it's awesome (and you should do it)

I had wanted to go interrailing for so many years and I actually tried to convince my friend to go with me last year as well, but apparently a 2 days notice wasn't enough... Though as you know I managed to convince her to go with me this year, and we went for a 15 days global pass.
It's an incredible experience and I'd encourage everybody  to do it if possible! There's so many great aspects of this kind of travelling, as you meet new people everyday and you don't have to be anywhere specific at any time if you don't want to. I loved that we could decide where we wanted to go whenever we wanted to go: if you want to leave a city right away, you do - if you want to stay for five more days, you do. You're free to do whatever you want and you don't have to limit yourself: if you both want a taste of the cheap beer in Bratislava and the nice water by the coast of Croatia, then that's what you do!
This is great whether you want to plan everything from home or if you don't. Interrail is definitely suitable for both types of people. Though you might strand somewhere in a small Hungarian town for a day: don't panic! Take it as an experience - that's the fun part of Interrail! You might just discover the greatest place you've ever been. You can never be too sure about what'll happen on a trip like this so enjoy every second of it, because it's really amazing to be honest.
All in all Interrail is a great way of travelling where you can visit and experience so many places and cultures in a short amount of time (or a great amount of time - you decide). My advice would be: just do it, I can guarantee you that it'll be something you'll never forget.

Have I convinced you to go yet? ;-)


  1. Amazing, I always wanted to do that.

    1. I can only encourage you to do it! ;-)

  2. I absolutely LOVE this !!
    Next year I´m soooo doing this in my summer holiday.
    Would you mind writing a post about your budget?
    That would be so nice of you :-)


    1. I definitely think you should! :-)
      I'm not sure I can write a whole post about it, but I can try to tell it here:
      We bought a 15 days global pass which was €307 and gave us the opportunity to travel in all of Europe. During our trip I spent around €620 (besides the ticket) which I think is really reasonable for a two weeks vacation. Though, I didn't spend money on anything but board and lodging whatsoever, so we spend around €40 a day. I'm sure we could have done it with €30, but I just decided that I wouldn't worry that much about money - it was a vacation after all. ;-)
      The hostels we stayed at all cost between €15 and €23 per night, and besides in Germany it was really cheap to eat out which we did almost every single day twice a day, except for two or three days where we bought something cheap and made at the hostels (which usually have a kitchen).
      So there you have it - I hope I covered everything, or else I'll gladly answer anything. :-)


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