31 October 2013

Throwback Thursday: Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Obviously I haven't had a blog for too long and I haven't been able to share my great travel memories that are more than 10 months old - so why not share them now?
Two years ago my mum and I went to London for the third time, and we both thought "we can't have been here three times and still not have seen a musical!". And what a great decision that was.
We went to some small ticket office to see what musicals they could offer us tickets for that day and the man behind the counter suggested this one called Priscilla Queen of the Desert, but both my mum and I were more interested in something like the Lion King. But you won't even believe how crazy expensive those tickets were, and we ended up buying two tickets for Pricilla - best. decision. ever.
Before we go any further take a look (and listen) to this:

If I tell you that the entire show had this energy throughout wouldn't you be dying to go? Well it did, and it was absolutely amazing!
Even though we didn't have the best seats it was such a huge experience! The entire way trough the audience were laughing and were really into the show - honestly, how could you not be? There were great dancing scenes, amazing outfits and music classics throughout; Go West, Venus, Finally, Hot Stuff, I Will Survive, It's Raining Men.. All those dancefloor hits everybody knows the lyrics to. One word to describe all this wonderfulness has to be FABULOUS
When we left the Palace Theatre I was complete high and wanted to go straight back in and watch the entire thing again. Funny how a show can have such an effect on you. Also I have to admit I still have a crush on Oliver Thornton who had one of the lead roles, and I can easily say that this is not the last musical I'm going to watch!


  1. Oh wow, this performance looks like so much fun!!
    xo TJ

    1. So much fun! It was absolutely magical!


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