10 November 2013

Sunday Reminder

Sometimes when I don't have anything to do (or if I have a lot to do) I scroll through tumblr for a while, because even though it contains a lot of cats and Starbucks cups you can also find some pretty nifty photos there. The other day I reblogged this colourful photo and it got me thinking about this quote by Mo Willems: if you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.
We have so many privileges but yet we seem to get stuck, and I don't understand how that can happen when we in theory are as free as we are. How come it's so hard to let go? Are we really that afraid to live a little?


  1. That's an interesting thought to think on. We are free to be happy and to leave whenever we want, but there are just so many (stupid?) things holding us back.
    Have a lovely Sunday :)!


    1. Yes yes yes! It's a bit strange really. :-) And thanks

  2. Interesting quote! It's crazy how many people don't like by it.

    Hannah x

    1. It really is. I hope I'm able remember this when I'm all grown up and have started making important life decisions. ;-)


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