5 December 2013

The Trip

I just realized that I hadn't really told you the details about my trip. Everybody who has been anywhere near my presence the last month will know everything, but somehow blogland got left out. Well not any more!
The 26th of October I spent £3000 and made my Vietnam-Thailand-India trip a reality (so pretty much my plans turned out). I'll take on my backpack and say my goodbyes before I board the first plane on my way to Vietnam on my own on the 4th of January 2014. 23 hours later I can touch Vietnamese ground where I'll get picked up in the airport and driven to my hotel for the first 6 nights where I'll be all on my own.
Then after having spent that first week without any plans, I'll join about 15 other travellers between the age of 18 and 30-something and go on a 12 days long adventure planned by G Adventures, going from South Vietnam to Hanoi in North Vietnam, where I'll stay for 5 days before heading to Bangkok, Thailand.
My parents are actually going to Thailand 4 days before I get there, so naturally I'm expecting some pampering when meeting up with them for a few days (hint, hint). But besides that I have absolutely nothing decided for what's going to happen in Thailand; no plans, no hotel reservations (which I kinda need to have to get a visa - hmm..). I'll be staying there for a little more than a month, so hopefully I'll have plenty of time to see a bit of the country besides the capital. I don't reckon it'll be any problem finding stuff to do because I've already bookmarked lots of things I want to see and do while there.
Then on March 1st I'm headed to New Delhi, India where I'll spend a few days before joining another one of G Adventures' trips, going all the way from North India to South India in 21 days. I'll spend the last few days in Kochi before I'm heading towards home on the 26th of March after what seems like the biggest adventure of my life!