13 December 2014

Village Bizzare in Sydney

Yea so I arrived in Sydney weeks ago and have been exploring quite a bit of the city now. I'll have to admit that I haven't fallen completely in love with it here yet, but I hope that comes when I've settled a bit more properly in.
There are some gems around the city though which are brilliant! I went on a free walking tour with a Brit I met on one of my first days, and the tour guide was telling us how she loved this part of the city called The Rocks. And luckily there was supposed to be this really cool market - so naturally that's where I took my friend from back home the next Friday.

We didn't really know what to expect, but loved every second of the stalls, the huge inflatable rabbits, the fire dancers, the burlesque dancers, the silver man dancing to 80s pop music, the mermaid interviewing people about their love for weeds, and all of the colourfully dressed people roaming around the market. There were performances everywhere - people where dancing behind shop windows and other people were performing on the harbour in front of an up lit opera house.

Also you could have your future read by a mysterious lady with tarot card. It was kind of fun even though she didn't get much more specific than 'you'll find a job soon' and 'you'll meet a fun and spontaneous guy in a big group of people'. Also she promised me that I'd have a positive and calm mind for the next long while. Really, she didn't say anything negative so according to her life's going to be good right now.

I've got my fingers crossed that we'll come across more cool places like this because I had such a good time, and it's really stuff like this that makes a city interesting!

20 November 2014

1 Girl 1 Backpack

As I'm sure I've mentioned somewhere; 1 gap year was never enough for me, and so today I bought a one way ticket to Sydney. And I'm leaving in 15 days. That's basically in two weeks!!

A year ago I was saying to my friends that I didn't really understand why that many people wanted to go to Australia, and that it was a place I probably wouldn't want to visit because there were so many other cool places I'd rather go, and that it was too similar to where I'm from. Well apparently they have a thing for giant sculptures in Australia - you don't see that in Denmark!
And now, here I am - I've already started packing and almost can't wait to go to that land on the other side of the world where it's summer at Christmas time.

I'm not sure when I'm coming back home, but I'm hoping to find work in Sydney and then start heading north after a few months there, and hopefully I'll end up somewhere in South East Asia eventually.
See you sometime next year, Denmark! 

17 November 2014


Now I won't call myself naive but I definitely assume that people are kind hearted, so I'm never the first to realize if they're playing tricks.

I have a friend who just got back from a small trip to Rome, and one of the first things she said to me when she came back was: "I'm never going back!"
She had felt unsafe and like she'd constantly had to be on guard and watch her stuff at all times because she was afraid of tourist scams and thieves.

I was in Rome a while ago as well so I tried to think back to how I'd experienced it.
Obviously you'll have to watch your stuff and maybe not flaunt around your most expensive stuff, but that's definitely not exclusively Rome, and I didn't feel unsafe there at all.

Although there actually was one incident in the 3,5 days I was visiting, I suppose...

I was there with my mum and one day we decided to take the metro - because why not? It was extremely crowded, so we were literally leaning against whoever happened to be standing next to us. At one stop even more people were pouring in (I haven't got a clue how they managed to fit in there). We were standing pretty close to the doors and this girl (I'm guessing she was around 11) was basically leaning against my stomach, and I'm not noticing anything but suddenly my mum has grabbed her arm and yanked her away because apparently her fingers were on the zipper to my bag.

The girl didn't speak English but she acted confused for a few seconds before darting towards the doors of the (still moving) train where she was frantically pushing the 'open' button. We didn't do anything, and as soon as the trains came to a hold and the doors opened she was gone.

19 October 2014

The Scariest Mountain Hike

Back in May I'd just arrived in Skopje - the capital of Macedonia - on a Sunday afternoon. The rain was pouring down and generally the town was pretty empty so I decided to explore properly the next day.
All rested and ready I ventured into the town and I spotted a giant cross (the Millennium Cross) on the top of what turned out to be Vodno Mountain. With nothing planned, I decided that getting to the top of the mountain was going to be my goal for the day.

9 October 2014


Always keep exploring(!) - there's 

people to meet 
food to taste 
oceans to swim 
cultures to experience
beers to drink 
sunsets to watch 
mountains to climb 
nights to enjoy 
beauty to discover 
memories to make 

5 October 2014

Winning the Lottery

Danish TV is currently airing these commercials where they show what different people dream of spending money on.
If I were to win (I've never actually played, but if someone were to give me a ticket and that ticket were to be the winning one..) I'd obviously spend most of it on travelling, and there's definitely a few trips I want to go on that are just a bit more pricey than what I usually do.
Obviously it depends hugely on the kind of journey you have planned, how much your trip is going to cost, but we can't get round the fact that some destinations may be more enjoyable with a bit of cash in your pocket.

From where I live it doesn't even take an hour to fly to England so I don't have an excuse to why I've never seen more of Britain than London, where I've been a few times.
I'd love going all the way from the south of England to the North of Scotland, seeing everything in between and visiting a bunch of lovely British towns, seeing all the beautiful nature, and potentially end up catching the Loch Ness monster up in Scotland.

I've been to Eastern Europe twice and dreamed about visiting Western Europe since travel took over my mind. Especially Paris has always been on my radar, and it'd be amazing to visit for a week or two just to wander around the streets, eat macarons and baguettes, and sit at cute caf├ęs all afternoon to watch chic Parisian people walk by.

Route 66 has always kind of fascinated me and even though road tripping isn't anything I've done much of. How amazing wouldn't it be to rent a car with a couple of friends, stock up on good music, and cruise through state after state?

26 September 2014

When I Did What I Was Told Not to in India

When I first arrived in Delhi it was after 2 months in Southeast Asia, and yet I was still a little shocked about how hectic it all was in India!

5 September 2014

When I Broke a Thai Man's Floor

Generally it seemed that the Thai people liked me when I visited Thailand, but there was one man who I know for fact couldn't wait to see me get out of there!

28 August 2014

When a Thai Family Came to my Rescue

It doesn't always go as smoothly as you might hope when it comes to travelling, and when I wanted to go from Bangkok to Khao Yai it got a bit more complicated than I'd expected, and I experienced just how helpful people can be.

16 August 2014

Egypt: Smile, it's Contagious

Back in June I spent a little week in Hurghada lounging about in the sun.
I'm not always carrying around my backpack on travels and this one was definitely a suitcase kind of vacation! I've already covered the pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, and the Karnak Temple, and since I was just staying for 7 days my main concern was how tan I could get before going back home.

27 July 2014

Roskilde Festival // The Place Where Girls Shit

Picture this: you've never been to an actual festival before, you're super pumped to finally attend one, and the first thing you see upon entering the site is some girl squatting next to a fence, pulling up her dress showing off everything from the waist down, taking a shit.

Welcome to the festival life, newbie!

17 June 2014

9 Things to do While 20

Wednesday I turned a big corner: I said goodbye to my last year of being a teenager and entered my twenties!
To endure the fact that I'm getting old, I made a list of 9 things to do within this next year to keep myself busy:

1. Learn to whistle
For some reason I've always wanted to but never really known where to start, so now I'm going to do a bit a YouTube research and then hopefully learn it!

2. Do a handstand
How cool are people that are able to do a real handstand? Very! Is that reason enough to want to learn it? Obviously!

3. Do a proper cart wheel
This one is pretty similar to the one above: it just looks really cool and I want to be able to do it!

4. Learn a card trick
Any better ice breaker than a great card trick? Not really. Also it's an awesome partytrick if the mood is dissapering.

5. Learn to juggle
I feel like I'm just repeating myself, but people who are able to juggle (3 balls or more) are really cool!

6. Attend a big festival
This one is actually on my real bucket list, but since I've already bough a ticket for later this month, I figured I'd put it on here as well.

7. Do 3 pull ups in a row
I've never been able to do just one proper pull up and I'd love to become strong enough to do at least 3!

8. Find a job somewhere abroad 
Even though my dad rather saw me starting an education than taking another gap year, I'm pretty determined to do just that and not start studying until next summer.
I've decided I'd be really great to work somewhere abroad for about a half years time.

9. Learn to shuffle cards (the cool way)
I spend an unnecessaryly long time shuffling cards, and it would just be a 'win win' situation if I could look cool while also picking up speed.

So there's plenty of things to start practising on, and I'm obviously going to be really cool by the time I turn 21!

3 June 2014

New Adventures: Europe Take 2.0

I do realize it's been quite on here for the past few weeks, but there's a really good reason behind it: I was home from Rome for exactly five days before I bought my next plane ticket for the following Friday.
I went to Budapest in Hungary where my plan was to spend a few days before heading towards either Greece or Turkey.
I was really ready for some hostel life, and man it was good to be back! I don't care whether my room mates sometimes turn on the lights before what should be legal - I've just missed everything about it!

I didn't really know how long I'd be away for. I just bought a one-way ticket and let my bank account decide when I was going home. On top of that I had absolutely no plans other that I wanted the weather to be nice wherever I went!

When I've had enough of each place (/when I felt like I had to see something new) I'd find the nearest train station, because after last year's success I was ready for some more interrailing!

19 May 2014

Rome / Roma / Rom

So, I managed to stay home for about a month before I convinced my mum to go with me to Rome. As she had to get home for her work we only went away for a few days, but we managed to cram in lots of pizza and pasta eating, a visit to the Colosseum, and plenty of people watching.

I've been to Italy once before but never Rome, and neither had my mum so we were both pretty excited. We bought the trip four days before going, so we didn't really know what to go see besides the Colosseum and the Vatican. But arriving there, it turns out you really don't need any plans at all because Rome is such an amazingly entertaining city. There are so many cute alleyways and you'll pretty much always have something to look at.

There's a really nice atmosphere if that makes any sense. We ate at a few really nice places that just screamed 'family-owned' which is nothing but a good thing! At one restaurant it basically felt like we were sitting in a huge living room which was so cozy - and they served the BEST pizza. They really know how to make a good pizza (that's a proper ending to a post about Italy, isn't it? Because I'm staying at a hostel in Budapest right now and I really have to go).

14 May 2014

And then it was all over

Eventually my time in Asia had to reach its end, and you won't believe how fast it went by. One year ago I was stressing out because of my upcoming exams and this year I've just finished an amazing 3 months trip through Asia!

I'm still completely blown away by the amazingness of my trip (even now, a month after I returned back home), where I managed to visit 30 cities/places, and it seemed to just get better and better for every day passing by. I've seen some breathtaking sunsets, met some beautiful people, enjoyed heaps of local food and beer, I've laughed lots and lots, and I cried in the airport when it was all over.

I'm sure this isn't the last you'll hear from this trip because I'm not done talking about it at all...

12 May 2014

Camel Ride in the Holy Indian Desert

We probably drank more beer and drinks than we took pictures all together in India, but then we arrived in Pushkar and suddenly we weren't allowed to consume alcohol or even eat meat. It's one of India's most sacred cities and is located right next to the desert.

I should probably tell that after a few days in India, I had joined a G Adventures tour with 15 other people and a great local guide.
On our second day in Pushkar the majority of the group decided to go for a camel ride in the dessert, so a few hours before sunset we were each sat on a camel and started wandering towards the desert.

After a while I got to chatting with my camel driver (what are they called? Camel chauffeur? I don't know), who could tell me that my camel, whose name was Romeo, was actually a racing camel. Naturally I asked him whether we then could pick up the speed a bit from our very drowsy pace, and suddenly I was galloping past the entire group until Romeo and I took the lead.

After about an hour in the hot Indian dessert we let the camels rest, and before dinner we apparently had to put on some Indian style clothes. The boys were put in white attire and turbans while us girls got colourful skirts and head scarves.

It didn't take long for the sun to set, and right before dinner we watched to sun disappear in the far distance of the dessert. We ended the night in complete darkness, on our backs, watching the clear dessert night sky with millions of stars - magical.

10 May 2014

For the one He Loves // India's Pride

On my fourth day in India I finally got to see the one thing I was here for: Taj Mahal!
I'm not going to lie and say that I didn't have huge expectations - because I did! So it was with big anticipation that I approached one of the (new) Seven Wonders of the World.
Actually, I was expecting to see it right away, but as we arrived we obviously had to go through a few procedures to protect the monument; change from our taxi to some kind of not-as-polluting-vehicle that drove us to a security checkpoint, which we surprisingly got through rather fast.

After the quick security check we went through the East Gate and suddenly there she stood in all her pride and glory: the mausoleum built by Muslim emperor Shah Jahan to show his love for his deceased wife.
Even the high amount of people here didn't take away the overwhelmingly beauty of the perfect symmetry and gorgeous white marble - it's safe to say that I was not let down in any way.

We spent a good few hours there and had plenty of time to; take the obligatory photos from every angle, observe the colourfully dressed Indians compete with the beauty of the Taj, and watch the tourists doing crazy (jumping) poses in front of it before we got seated to watch the sun set and shed its golden colours on the monument.

3 May 2014

Thailand, it's Been Good

I'm surprised again and again how fast time can fly.
When we got close to March, I couldn't believe how fast my time in Thailand had seemingly just disappeared - it definitely didn't feel like I'd spent my last 5 weeks there at all! Reality was that I had, and during that time I'd; experienced the true backpacker/hostel life, stranded in a small and quiet town and been "rescued" by a non-English speaking Thai family, zip lined in the jungle, seen a crazy amount of temples, explored the islands around Krabi, walked in the middle of a huge (pretty friendly) demonstration on election night - just to mention a few things.

Before going I wasn't sure about spending 5 weeks there, but I have to say that it was really a bliss being able to stay a place whenever I felt like it. And when my time there reached its end I actually just wanted to stay longer even though I was super excited for India. Well, the only solution is that I'll have to come back again one day - just as I say about pretty much every other destination I visit.