28 February 2014

Koh Si Chang

A few days after I'd met up with my parents, we decided to visit one of Thailand's many islands. We headed to Koh Si Chang where we rented some bungalows (which turned out to be pretty rough) and prepared to really live it up island-style the next few days. Apparently life on an island includes a lot of lizards everywhere - but with crystal clear water and a relaxed atmosphere that doesn't really matter, right?
Koh Si Chang is incredibly small with only one main beach, but that also means that there are really few turists, it's super quite and relaxing, and it has some great views pretty much where ever you turn your eyes. A must do is to rent a scooter, because when it's close to 40 degrees in nearly suicidal to try and climb your way to the highest point of the island (that is around 800 steps I can tell you, because we didn't realize that there was a road up there until we actually reached the top).


  1. Wow it looks like such a beautiful place! I love the fact that there aren't many tourists there.

    Hannah x

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  3. Koh Si Chang looks absolutely beautiful and it must be so nict to be someplace where there aren't as many tourists. It sounds like you guys are living the life. I would love to stay in a bungalow and just live the ocean life for a bit. It must be terribly relaxing. Beautiful post. Have fun on your travels!

    rae of lovefromberlin

  4. This place looks absolutely stunning! And your photos are gorgeous too.

    Lindsey. x


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