17 April 2014

Conquering the Ghost Tower of Bangkok // Sathorn Unique

After a horrendously long 14 hours bus trip from Krabi to Bangkok my new friend Mikkel and I arrived at 5 in the morning by the side of the road in a (at this hour) quite calm Bangkok city. Our hostel hadn't opened yet so we left our bags there and went for a little early morning exploring of the city. We saw lots and lots of skyscrapers when walking along one of the main roads but one stood out to us: the abandoned one that goes under the name Ghost Tower. It's actual name is Sathorn Unique, it's 49 stories high and apparently the construction of it didn't stop till they were 80 % finished in 1997 and the financial crisis hit Thailand. Since then it's pretty much been left alone - I guess partly because some believe it to be haunted by ghosts.

It might be because we only had one hour of sleep that night, but we were both pretty pumped to get up there to watch the city from above, so we ventured towards it only to find that the entire bottom floor had been fenced off. Luckily we found a hole in the fence and made our way onto the first floor which seemed like a place where people lived. We didn't think any further about this and went up two old, broken down escalators to the next floor. While it was a bit creepy it was also super fascinating walking around this concrete building, exploring what was supposed to have been a super fancy hotel with a really nice location as well.

Eventually we decided to explore the next floor but found that all the stairs had been completely bolted shut as well as any other possible way up there. Back on the first floor we noticed a man sitting next to a really feverishly looking woman on a bed, so we slowly made our way over there to ask for help getting further up the building. The thing is, though, they had absolutely no intentions in showing us the way. Instead the man got up and furiously started yelled "Get out, get out!" over and over, while following us to chase us out. I have to admit that I was a bit scared at this point and definitely just wanted to get out of there!

Still determined to get up there we searched for any kind of entrance only to find that we'd have to cross the roof of a 7 meters metal bridge approximately 20 meters above the ground from the, also decayed, car park next to Sathorn Unique. We made our way up to the bridge, and I think that's when it hit us how incredibly dangerous it would be to climb over. We took turns attempting but neither of us ever let go of the railing, and after about an hour contemplating whether or not to do it we decided to head back home, super bummed that we weren't even close to reaching the top.

After a quick nap at the hostel and some food we suddenly decided that we were going to give it another go. We simply couldn't leave Bangkok without having risked our lives just a little, so we went back there and the first thing we saw was a French guy on the way down from the top poking his head out the balcony from around 7th floor. He yelled at us to ask whether we wanted to get up there as well, so we told him yes and hoped he had a better entrance than over the bridge thing. Unfortunately he didn't, but seeing him walking across the bridge with ease gave the both of us the courage to give it a try ourselves. Pretty soon we found ourselves on the right side on the bridge, adrenaline pumping and ready to conquer the 49 floors to the top!
After a very sweaty trip up (mid day in Thailand just is a sweaty affair) we finally reached the top, and after just a bit more climbing we reached a platform from where the view over Bangkok city was no less than absolutely amazing!


  1. What an amazing view! I'm not sure I could be that close to the edge :o) Xx

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    1. It was absolutely incredible, still can't believe I did it! x

  2. I love your blog! Wow, keep up the good work!

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