7 April 2014

Tiger Temple Turning Monkey Temple

Back in Thailand I'd just been to an island called Koh Lanta and now found myself back on the mainland in Krabi. I'd just woken up and decided to spend an extra day there, and without putting on my shoes I stumbled down the stairs to the reception to book an extra night. The receptionist was busy with his phone and a handsome guy was waiting for him to finish. We chatted for a bit in English before the receptionist put his phone away and turned his attention to us. It turned out that guy, Mikkel, was actually from Denmark as well as myself, and we decided to go have some breakfast.

I found out that he was planning on going to Bangkok the day after, and as I had the same plans we decided to spend the day together and then go to Bangkok the following day. We didn't really know what to get up to in Krabi as it was quite a small town, and decided to follow the advice we'd been given by the receptionist: to visit the Tiger Temple just outside of town. Though we would have to climb 1236 steps, he promised us that the view would be worth it.

We were told that there would be monkeys, so upon arrival we bought a bag of dried bananas to bring along. We didn't have to climb more than a few hundred steps before we met the first couple of cheeky monkeys. It started out with them being all cute and eating one slice of banana at a time, but then this one little shit grabbed the entire bag and ran off and sat a few meters behind a short fence looking all victorious. At first we didn't say a word - just pure shock that such an innocent looking creature could be so mischievous - then followed hysterical laughter and then determination: we were going to get those bananas back! We quickly constructed a plan where I would distract the monkey by crumbling a piece of plastic inside a bag to trick it into coming over. I easily overpowered the monkey's intelligence, as it dropped the bag of bananas and came to check out what I had (all while Mikkel sprinted to grab the bananas). Though the monkey did get quite a firm hold of the bag we managed to save ourselves and continued our battle up the mountain with beating hearts (not sure whether that was caused by the escape route up the steep steps or the horrible danger we'd just been in).

We nearly held more pauses than we took steps, but eventually we did reach the top and when our lungs started functioning normally again we were able to enjoy the spectacular view.
It really was quite something so we took seats on a hard concrete platform and waited for the sunset. We'd expected the sun to set behind one of the many mountains in the distance, and while it decided to set behind a huge cloud instead it was still really beautiful! But when the sun has set it gets dark really quickly so we started making our way down where we were greeted by hundreds of monkeys! This distracted us so much that we as the only two people there missed the bus back to town. We hung around the monkeys for nearly an hour and didn't really realise that other people left right away instead, but with the help of a local guy and his truck we made it back home - all good.


  1. Ooooh my, that sounds amazing! Hahah and those monkeys look absolutely crazy and adorable :). Enjoy your time, can't wait for the next update :)!


    1. It was absolutely incredible!
      I've actually just returned home, I've just been super bad at updating along the way so I'm trying to stitch a few posts together now. ;-)

  2. So you had an amazing trip. I really like your blog and all those pictures that you have mentioned above. Thailand is one of my favorite Asian country I visited it last year after my new york to niagara falls bus tours. During my tour I saw its many famous attractions such as Ko Tarutao, Ayuthaya, Ko Chang, Grand Palace, Similan Islands, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and Railay. All places were extremely beautiful. I would love to go there again and try to explored its other places.


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