14 May 2014

And then it was all over

Eventually my time in Asia had to reach its end, and you won't believe how fast it went by. One year ago I was stressing out because of my upcoming exams and this year I've just finished an amazing 3 months trip through Asia!

I'm still completely blown away by the amazingness of my trip (even now, a month after I returned back home), where I managed to visit 30 cities/places, and it seemed to just get better and better for every day passing by. I've seen some breathtaking sunsets, met some beautiful people, enjoyed heaps of local food and beer, I've laughed lots and lots, and I cried in the airport when it was all over.

I'm sure this isn't the last you'll hear from this trip because I'm not done talking about it at all...


  1. And we loved reading your posts about it - keep em coming :)!


  2. You're so nice! Thank you :-) xx


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