12 May 2014

Camel Ride in the Holy Indian Desert

We probably drank more beer and drinks than we took pictures all together in India, but then we arrived in Pushkar and suddenly we weren't allowed to consume alcohol or even eat meat. It's one of India's most sacred cities and is located right next to the desert.

I should probably tell that after a few days in India, I had joined a G Adventures tour with 15 other people and a great local guide.
On our second day in Pushkar the majority of the group decided to go for a camel ride in the dessert, so a few hours before sunset we were each sat on a camel and started wandering towards the desert.

After a while I got to chatting with my camel driver (what are they called? Camel chauffeur? I don't know), who could tell me that my camel, whose name was Romeo, was actually a racing camel. Naturally I asked him whether we then could pick up the speed a bit from our very drowsy pace, and suddenly I was galloping past the entire group until Romeo and I took the lead.

After about an hour in the hot Indian dessert we let the camels rest, and before dinner we apparently had to put on some Indian style clothes. The boys were put in white attire and turbans while us girls got colourful skirts and head scarves.

It didn't take long for the sun to set, and right before dinner we watched to sun disappear in the far distance of the dessert. We ended the night in complete darkness, on our backs, watching the clear dessert night sky with millions of stars - magical.


  1. Seriously, this sounds like the perfect vacation. Those camels are adorable :)! Keep on enjoying, gurl! :)


    1. It was amazing! Though, I've been home for quite a while now. I'm just trying to catch up on everything I was too lazy to put up then. ;-) x


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