19 May 2014

Rome / Roma / Rom

So, I managed to stay home for about a month before I convinced my mum to go with me to Rome. As she had to get home for her work we only went away for a few days, but we managed to cram in lots of pizza and pasta eating, a visit to the Colosseum, and plenty of people watching.

I've been to Italy once before but never Rome, and neither had my mum so we were both pretty excited. We bought the trip four days before going, so we didn't really know what to go see besides the Colosseum and the Vatican. But arriving there, it turns out you really don't need any plans at all because Rome is such an amazingly entertaining city. There are so many cute alleyways and you'll pretty much always have something to look at.

There's a really nice atmosphere if that makes any sense. We ate at a few really nice places that just screamed 'family-owned' which is nothing but a good thing! At one restaurant it basically felt like we were sitting in a huge living room which was so cozy - and they served the BEST pizza. They really know how to make a good pizza (that's a proper ending to a post about Italy, isn't it? Because I'm staying at a hostel in Budapest right now and I really have to go).


  1. I LOVE Rome, it's probably one of my favorite city and I can't wait to visit it again. There's just something magical about it <3!


    1. Exactly! I'm definitely going back again one day - SUCH a great city! x

  2. Good evening ! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, here's the link xx


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