3 May 2014

Thailand, it's Been Good

I'm surprised again and again how fast time can fly.
When we got close to March, I couldn't believe how fast my time in Thailand had seemingly just disappeared - it definitely didn't feel like I'd spent my last 5 weeks there at all! Reality was that I had, and during that time I'd; experienced the true backpacker/hostel life, stranded in a small and quiet town and been "rescued" by a non-English speaking Thai family, zip lined in the jungle, seen a crazy amount of temples, explored the islands around Krabi, walked in the middle of a huge (pretty friendly) demonstration on election night - just to mention a few things.

Before going I wasn't sure about spending 5 weeks there, but I have to say that it was really a bliss being able to stay a place whenever I felt like it. And when my time there reached its end I actually just wanted to stay longer even though I was super excited for India. Well, the only solution is that I'll have to come back again one day - just as I say about pretty much every other destination I visit.


  1. Thailand sounds amazing, I am so jealous that you spend 5 weeks there!

    Hannah x

  2. Looks and sounds absolutely amazing. As Hannah, I'm a bit jelly too ;)! Gorgeous photos :)!



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