17 June 2014

9 Things to do While 20

Wednesday I turned a big corner: I said goodbye to my last year of being a teenager and entered my twenties!
To endure the fact that I'm getting old, I made a list of 9 things to do within this next year to keep myself busy:

1. Learn to whistle
For some reason I've always wanted to but never really known where to start, so now I'm going to do a bit a YouTube research and then hopefully learn it!

2. Do a handstand
How cool are people that are able to do a real handstand? Very! Is that reason enough to want to learn it? Obviously!

3. Do a proper cart wheel
This one is pretty similar to the one above: it just looks really cool and I want to be able to do it!

4. Learn a card trick
Any better ice breaker than a great card trick? Not really. Also it's an awesome partytrick if the mood is dissapering.

5. Learn to juggle
I feel like I'm just repeating myself, but people who are able to juggle (3 balls or more) are really cool!

6. Attend a big festival
This one is actually on my real bucket list, but since I've already bough a ticket for later this month, I figured I'd put it on here as well.

7. Do 3 pull ups in a row
I've never been able to do just one proper pull up and I'd love to become strong enough to do at least 3!

8. Find a job somewhere abroad 
Even though my dad rather saw me starting an education than taking another gap year, I'm pretty determined to do just that and not start studying until next summer.
I've decided I'd be really great to work somewhere abroad for about a half years time.

9. Learn to shuffle cards (the cool way)
I spend an unnecessaryly long time shuffling cards, and it would just be a 'win win' situation if I could look cool while also picking up speed.

So there's plenty of things to start practising on, and I'm obviously going to be really cool by the time I turn 21!


  1. Great post:)
    Would you mind checking out my blog?

  2. Haha, I love this post. I'm definitely going to have to think of some for myself!
    Love your blog, new follower!
    Jess xo


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