3 June 2014

New Adventures: Europe Take 2.0

I do realize it's been quite on here for the past few weeks, but there's a really good reason behind it: I was home from Rome for exactly five days before I bought my next plane ticket for the following Friday.
I went to Budapest in Hungary where my plan was to spend a few days before heading towards either Greece or Turkey.
I was really ready for some hostel life, and man it was good to be back! I don't care whether my room mates sometimes turn on the lights before what should be legal - I've just missed everything about it!

I didn't really know how long I'd be away for. I just bought a one-way ticket and let my bank account decide when I was going home. On top of that I had absolutely no plans other that I wanted the weather to be nice wherever I went!

When I've had enough of each place (/when I felt like I had to see something new) I'd find the nearest train station, because after last year's success I was ready for some more interrailing!

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