27 July 2014

Roskilde Festival // The Place Where Girls Shit

Picture this: you've never been to an actual festival before, you're super pumped to finally attend one, and the first thing you see upon entering the site is some girl squatting next to a fence, pulling up her dress showing off everything from the waist down, taking a shit.

Welcome to the festival life, newbie!

We were a group of four girls, and luckily it didn't scare us off and although we probably breathed in plenty of urine dust (that's what is mostly associated with this festival, I've heard), my friends and I had a blast from the beginning till the end of the week!

Though it's not the most charming title and we did see enough genitals to last us lifetimes, the rest of the festival was music-, beer-, sun-, and happy people-filled. They seriously had an epic line-up this year, starting off with OutKast (just try to imagine being in a pumped up crowd during "Hey Ya!"), going on to Arctic Monkeys, Major Lazer, and ending on the last day with Kasabian and Stevie Wonder.

But most memorable for me was when Rolling Stones played. It wasn't that I knew many of their songs (to be honest I could only really sing along to "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and "Satisfaction"), but the place was buzzing! And you couldn't not be overwhelmed by the show Mick Jagger and co. put on - you seriously wouldn't believe that they're all close to 70.
Incredible, legendary, amazing!

After a week in the dirt (we lived in a tent on a huge field and the line to the showers were so long, so we didn't exactly shower often...) we were exhausted and ready to go home to the comfort of running water and actual mattresses to sleep on, so we picked up our stuff and left with a ton of new memories!

See you next year, Roskilde!


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  2. your opening to this post is absolutely hilarious!


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