28 August 2014

When a Thai Family Came to my Rescue

It doesn't always go as smoothly as you might hope when it comes to travelling, and when I wanted to go from Bangkok to Khao Yai it got a bit more complicated than I'd expected, and I experienced just how helpful people can be.

When I first went to Thailand I had a single night at a hostel in Bangkok before I would go to Khao Yai to meet my parents, where they'd stayed for the past few days.
The next day the not-very-English-speaking receptionist arranged for me to be picked up by his friend on a scooter and then driven to the metro station, because from here the walk to the bus station supposedly wasn't more than 5 minutes. After the first 5 minutes (spoiler alert: many more '5 minutes' were going to pass) I met a Brit who was looking for the bus station as well - and had been for the past 30 minutes - so naturally we joined forces.

After being pointed in several different directions for about 45 minutes we finally found the right bus terminal, where I bought my ticket. The next problem didn't arise until 3 hours later when I arrived in Pak Chong, from where I'd counted on taking the bus the next 26 kilometres to Khao Yai. One problem: the buses didn't go after sunset, and the town was small enough to have absolutely no taxis!
I then went on the hunt for a hotel for quite a while - again no luck. Instead I found a small improvised café by the road where I asked whether they'd call a taxi for me. Instead of finding a phone everyone in the little café started chatting (in Thai) and suddenly a small family turned up, insisting to drive me the next 26 kilometres to Khao Yai.

In the back of their (pretty crammed) trunk sat a boy eating crisps - he was thrown out so there would be room for my bag. I don't know where he went, because suddenly we were driving, and after being quizzed in limited English (what's your name? where're you from? how old are you?) for half an hour we arrived at my parents hotel where I thanked my chauffeur and his family many many times.

Not exactly how I'd expected to come to Khao Yai, but it all worked out brilliantly after all. People are awesome!


  1. Hah this was so funny, and not what you expected, but a good story!

  2. I love this story! Thailand sounds interesting place! I think I would have panicked when I realised that I wouldn't be able to get to the next place so that's amazing that the family took you straight to the hotel.

    Hannah x


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