5 September 2014

When I Broke a Thai Man's Floor

Generally it seemed that the Thai people liked me when I visited Thailand, but there was one man who I know for fact couldn't wait to see me get out of there!

I'd spent a long while further up north before heading south towards all the famous islands around Phuket and Krabi. I settled on Koh Lanta where I stayed 4 nights.
The first few days went by problem-free and I really enjoyed the island, but I didn't feel like I'd seen enough of it, so I rented a scooter for a day from a man living in a small tree hut right next to my hostel.

It was super awesome being able to cruise around on my own, and I could have probably kept going for days, but I'd only rented the scooter for one so I headed back to my hostel in the evening where I wanted to return scooter and key so I could get my passport back which I'd left as deposit. The man wasn't home, though, so I figured I'd just come back in the morning.
He wasn't... And even though the hostel staff really wanted to help me, they couldn't because they had no idea who the man (living in a tree hut on their property) was...

Another day later I came back and to my luck, the tree hut was unlocked. I rushed up the stairs and knocked on the door several times before I managed to wake the man up. Still half asleep he opened the door and I quickly explained that I needed my passport asap, since I was going back to the main land in just a few hours!

He'd barely handed it over to me before I was on the way down the stairs again.
I recall him starting to say something half a second before I took a step down on the platform - on which his hut and everything he owned was placed on - and went crashing through with both legs! I couldn't believe I'd just broken this man's floor, and for a few seconds we kind of just stared at each other and while my face colour went from light tomato to deep aubergine I apologized the best I'd learnt!
He didn't exactly get mad at me, but he obviously just wanted me to leave when I repeatedly asked whether I could do something to help him fix it.
I felt reeaally bad, but apologized once more before I left with cuts and scrapes all the was down my legs - and my passport in hand!

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