26 September 2014

When I Did What I Was Told Not to in India

When I first arrived in Delhi it was after 2 months in Southeast Asia, and yet I was still a little shocked about how hectic it all was in India!

I was picked up at the airport and dropped off at my hotel where I left my bag and went to the travel company I'd used, to pick something up. The very nice Indian lady working there, briefly told me about the city, what to see, and what to do. One other thing she told me was: don't go with strangers! Even if they seem really nice!
After our little chat I didn't really know what to do with myself, but I put on my big girl glasses and ventured off into the busy and confusing streets of New Delhi.

I didn't get very far before an Indian looking guy, claiming to live in England, stopped me to ask (in a very non-British accent) where the train station was (turned out later that he did know where it was). Even after telling him that I didn't know where it was, he kind of just walked along with me, chatting. At one point I mentioned that I was hungry, and not much later I found myself with a delicious plate of Indian food and this stranger in front of me.

After the late lunch I kind of expected him to leave but he insisted on showing me around the city since it was my first day there and all.
We walked through a very busy market for a short while before he suggested that we went to see another one. We took a rickshaw there, and the ride was quite long and at this point I had absolutely no idea where I was.
I'd told him about my travel plans about travelling with a big group in just 2 days, and he kept telling me how bad an idea that was and how much better it would be for me if I bailed on those plans and let him show me around for the next 3 weeks. I'm gonna pass on that offer, thank you very much.
After a while he said that before going to this market we would just stop at his friends apartment for a short while. I had absolutely no intentions whatsoever about visiting any stranger's apartment, which I straight up told him, to which he jokingly (I think) answered that it was not like they were going to kidnap me or anything.

By the time the bike stopped we were in a pretty rough looking neighbourhood and he insisted that his friends would show up in just a bit. I was not going to wait around for that and really just wanted to go back to my hotel. It's fair to say that he was quite annoyed with me at this point and kept insisting that we waited just a bit longer for his friend. I was determined to get out of the "situation" and got him to point me in the right direction, since I was still clueless as to where we were -

He was not happy when I walked off, but all I was concerned about was how I would find the right way back to my hotel in a city I hadn't been in for more than half a day.
After quite a bit of confusion and a long walk through multiple busy, busy road, I finally found my way back to my hotel where I bought a bunch of chocolate and exhaustedly snuggled up in bed with a film.
Weird first day!


  1. Nej nej nej! Hvis det havde været mig, så var jeg nok død af skræk XD Hvordan får man egentlig rystet en fremmed mand af sig, når han bare følger med en på den måde? *gruble gruble* Anyways, godt at du kom ud af situationen inden den blev mere creepy !

    1. Haha det gik (måske heldigvis?) først op for mig bagefter hvor halvdum en situation det var. ;-)


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