19 October 2014

The Scariest Mountain Hike

Back in May I'd just arrived in Skopje - the capital of Macedonia - on a Sunday afternoon. The rain was pouring down and generally the town was pretty empty so I decided to explore properly the next day.
All rested and ready I ventured into the town and I spotted a giant cross (the Millennium Cross) on the top of what turned out to be Vodno Mountain. With nothing planned, I decided that getting to the top of the mountain was going to be my goal for the day.

I had some trouble actually finding the hiking trails and I stopped for a beer break halfway there, so before I even reached the bottom of the mountain it was around 5:30 pm. No problem, though, because I'd heard that there'd be cable cars once you've hiked halfway up the mountain.

Well turns out those cable cars weren't running on Mondays. At that point I'd already decided that I was going up there, so that wasn't going to stop me and I started hiking energetically.

The first hour was on a small, winding path and then I was halfway up because I spotted the (still standing) cable cars as well as a hotel a bit down a road. The next hour was on a proper road through basically forest. I didn't meet any people at all, but did come across a huge abandoned concrete building hidden in the trees. The sky had turned purple, but having gone this far I was determined to reach that cross up there on the top!

When I finally reached the top after two and a half hours of hiking I didn't really do much besides snap a few pictures of the Millennium Cross because it was completely deserted up there!

On my was down the sky quickly turned dark and the only light I had was my phone. Having just finished a vampire novel the night before, I hurried as much as I could - looking over my shoulder every other step - through the woods and past that damn concrete building which was pretty creepy in the nearly dark forest. It's at times like these you could actually really use a travel partner (and a flash light)..

An hour later I finally found some civilisation when I reached the hotel halfway down. I definitely didn't want to walk any further in the darkness so I went in there and had the staff call a taxi that drove me all the way back to my hostel, where my awesome host served Macedonian sake for me before retuning to the comfort of my room late in the night.


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  2. Hahaha... oh kunne næsten ikke stoppe med at grine lidt, da jeg sad og læste dette. Sikke en beslutsomhed! :) Jeg ville sgu nok også ha' taget benene på nakken, hvis det var mig, der gik der alene i buldrene mørk kun udstyret med lys fra mobilen og en fantasi, der løb løbsk XD


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