5 October 2014

Winning the Lottery

Danish TV is currently airing these commercials where they show what different people dream of spending money on.
If I were to win (I've never actually played, but if someone were to give me a ticket and that ticket were to be the winning one..) I'd obviously spend most of it on travelling, and there's definitely a few trips I want to go on that are just a bit more pricey than what I usually do.
Obviously it depends hugely on the kind of journey you have planned, how much your trip is going to cost, but we can't get round the fact that some destinations may be more enjoyable with a bit of cash in your pocket.

From where I live it doesn't even take an hour to fly to England so I don't have an excuse to why I've never seen more of Britain than London, where I've been a few times.
I'd love going all the way from the south of England to the North of Scotland, seeing everything in between and visiting a bunch of lovely British towns, seeing all the beautiful nature, and potentially end up catching the Loch Ness monster up in Scotland.

I've been to Eastern Europe twice and dreamed about visiting Western Europe since travel took over my mind. Especially Paris has always been on my radar, and it'd be amazing to visit for a week or two just to wander around the streets, eat macarons and baguettes, and sit at cute caf├ęs all afternoon to watch chic Parisian people walk by.

Route 66 has always kind of fascinated me and even though road tripping isn't anything I've done much of. How amazing wouldn't it be to rent a car with a couple of friends, stock up on good music, and cruise through state after state?

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