15 July 2015

GOON // The Silver Pillow

Good stories always come out of drinking goon - if you can remember them that is. Although, there'll always be someone there to remind you how you fell asleep with just your head inside the tent on that camping trip or how you busted your knee open after taking a fall from a moving trolley to the ground - that's what friends are for!

Do we all know what goon is? It's basically the worst thing you can put in your body. It's advertised as cask wine, and because it's 12$ for a 5 liters box, it's what all backpackers drink!
Chances are that if you've ever been a backpacker in Australia you'll know exactly what goon is because it's basically the currency at hostels. And unless your liver is made of iron I'm sure you'll have been defeated and turned into a mess by the devil drink at some point!

I've heard rumors that there's everything but grapes in it, but I never managed to figure out what it's actually made of. Some joke that it's a full meal in a cup because apparently it contains eggs and milk - voila! you're basically drinking an omelette. And yes, you can taste how cheap it is but you won't really notice after your 4th cup. And at the end of the night, when the goon bag is empty, somebody's probably used the box as a hat, and you physically can't move anymore and just accept the fact that you're not making it all the way into bed that night, you can blow up the silver bag and use it as a pillow.

Yea, that's basically the Aussie backpacker life for you!

12 July 2015

The Ultimate Backpacker Trip: the Australian East Coast

When leaving Denmark I basically just had one plan: I was going to go to Sydney and find work. I'd just forgotten one thing about myself: I'm the worst procrastinator and the very best at making up excuses to do anything but what I'm supposed to do. Long story short: I never did work and went travelling up the east coast instead.

On February 24th I woke up very early, said my goodbyes to Sydney, and went to the bus station to meet up with the German girl I was going to be travelling with the next 1,5 months.
We went with Greyhound (the bus company) and the whole thing was a bit too planned for my liking, but we were advised to book a lot of the trips beforehand because it was the busy season. I would've loved to have done it as a road trip but we did have a pretty great time as well!

We had 11 stops, stopping in: Spot X Surf Camp, Byron Bay, Surfer's Paradise, Brisbane, Noosa, Fraser Island, Agnes Water, Airlie Beach (the Whitsundays), Magnetic Island, Mission Beach, and Cairns - basically all the popular backpacker places.
We had such at good time with a trip full of sun and happy people, lots of beaches, plenty of alcohol/goon, and every place was my favorite until we arrived at the next!

6 July 2015

Nightmare in the Flat

back when I was in Australia...

I stayed in Sydney nearly 3 months and half of that time I lived somewhere without my parents for the first time ever and it didn't exactly go as expected. While I don't regret it at all it could definitely have run smoother. 

I'd been in Sydney for a few weeks, Christmas was coming up, and my plan was to stay there for quite a while still, so instead of staying at hostels the entire time I started looking for a share flat. There's plenty of flats to choose from but most of them either stink, house 20 people, or is just way too expensive for a backpacker's budget.

Hostel prices were sky high just around Christmas so I suddenly really urgently needed to find a place to live. That meant that I was rushing around on the 23rd looking at flats to find one that was decent and cheap. I saw about 4 different ones that day and just went for one that seemed alright and basically moved in within an hour. Turns out my roommates were 3 Italian guys, 3 German girls, and a Scottish guy - all seemed really nice! I especially got along really well with one of the German girls - who I later traveled up the east coast with - and the Scot.

One of the Italian guys - lets call him N - was especially chatty, really nice, and always said something to bring people in a good mood (even with his limited English abilities) and everybody seemed to like him. So I was really surprised when my Scottish roommate pulled me aside one morning after having lived together for a few weeks to tell me that he'd been lying awake that night and seen N get out of his bed to sneak over to one of the other Italian guys' bed, grab his shorts, take out his wallet, and go through it, which obviously made the Scottish guy tell him off and N was quickly back in his bed.

When we told the guy whose wallet it was, there was a lot of really loud yelling in Italian. Eventually the landlord (pretty miserable one at that to be honest) was called over and he promised that he'd kick out N and find another place for him to stay. Took about a week for that to actually happen, and that week was by far the worst in the flat: people were constantly fighting with N who'd, to be fair, turned into a bit of a twat and got really aggressive quite often, destroying furniture and threatening people.

We were all pretty relieved when he finally moved out - although thanks to our lovely landlord he was moved to the flat next to ours and we'd constantly run into him in the hallway.
Although my first experience with moving out from home was a bit of a disaster I wouldn't have been without it and I'm still very open to the idea of living in a share flat in the future!