JULY 2013 - Interrail trip:

JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH 2014 - Vietnam, Thailand, India:
          The trip
          Koh Si Chang
          When I broke a Thai man's floor 
          Thailand, it's been good
          When I did what I was told not to in India
          For the one he loves // India's pride
          Camel ride in the holy Indian desert
          And then it was all over

MAY 2014 - Rome:
          Rome / Roma / Rom

MAY 2014 - Interrail 2.0:
          New adventures: Europe take 2
          The scariest mountain hike

JUNE 2014 - Egypt:
          Egypt: Smile, it's contagious

DECEMBER 2014 - JUNE 2015 - Australia:
          1 Girl 1 Backpack
          The year without Christmas (almost)
          Home after half a year in Australia
          Nightmare in the flat
          The ultimate backpacker trip: the Australian east coast

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